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Our History

Predawn Visual Communications was founded in 2002 by R.J. Sampson and Barry Richards. Mr. Sampson and Mr. Richards both felt an eminent transition within electronic commerce. The internet and related marketing were becoming too complicated and the average corporation was missing the true value and promise of the World Wide Web.

As Mr. Richards and Mr. Sampson deployed capabilities and solutions within large corporations such as iXL Enterprises, BellSouth, and Federated Department Stores it was always their vision to launch their own company providing world class solutions to small businesses at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Predawn was born.

Immediately Predawn gathered a team of very capable personnel and devised a plan to deploy the system. This project was the catapult that Predawn needed to move the company into world wide attention.

The outlook for Predawn is bright. With several major opportunities on the horizon and many long term relationships, Predawn has only touched on its potential. Revenue has doubled each year and projections of increased growth are expected.

Since its beginning, the values that our founders established as guiding principles have been fundamental to Predawn's success. Those values—conducting oneself with personal and professional integrity, valuing and encouraging associates, listening to and serving customers, and always operating in the center of the field of ethical behavior, never on the sidelines—distinguish not only the founders, but the company as well.

Our People

Our people really do make the difference. We are a small group of expert individuals with years of industry experience. Our skills and methods have been battle tested and ready to go to work for you. Our tireless efforts to insure client satisfaction is top priority.

We’re committed to doing all we can to serve our customers, from collaborating in strategic planning to supporting implementation and management of technology solutions. To every collaboration we bring both deep industry expertise and professional integrity based on our longstanding core business values.