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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

IndustPort has the content management solution many sales and marketing people have been dreaming about. A suite of solutions to help sales and marketing people get to the benefits of internet with rapid implementation and high returns.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

In today's economy being able to analyze, plan and react to changing business conditions in a much more rapid fashion is a critical component to survival. To do this, top managers, analysts and knowledge workers in our enterprises need more and better information. For the most part, only a small fraction of the data that is captured, processed and stored in the enterprise is actually available to executives and decision makers.

Data Warehousing has evolved into a new technology that makes it possible to attack the problem of providing all the key people in the enterprise with access to whatever level of information needed for the enterprise to survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive world.

Predawn can help companies develop data warehouses through a process of careful planning, requirements definition, design, prototyping and implementation.

Data warehousing implementations, data warehousing puts you on the road to:
  • Converting data into business intelligence
  • Making management decisions based on facts not intuition
  • Getting closer to the customers
  • Gaining a competitive advantage