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Branding & Corporate Identity
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Brand Strategy

When creating an effective brand or corporate identity it is vital to establish a conceptual and visual identity that represents the values of your organization. This image must directly relate to your product and/or service offerings. Predawn helps identify this image and how to best represent it.

Predawn's process begins with developing a solid branding strategy. Success on and offline starts with brand strategy. A branding strategy will help you identify your brand equity. Simply put, you will clearly understand who you are targeting, how to position yourself, how to most cost- effectively communicate to this audience. Smart organizations know the importance of determining their brand equity and have invested the energy and time to do so. The payoff is sustainable value creation and measurable ROI.

Guidelines should be set to ensure consistent use of your brand across mediums. These guidelines should define logos, fonts, layout, colors, slogans and more. These guidelines should govern proper usage of brand materials in letterheads, newsletters, brochures, web sites, videos, and more. These guidelines should be revisited and revised periodically to ensure effective and comprehensive use. This allows the brand to easily adapt to new products and campaigns in the future.