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Software Application Development
WiFiMed Inc. - TabletMD

WiFiMed uses integrated state-of-the-art software on the new wireless Tablet PC, with a proprietary interface and command structure. Predawn partnered with WifiMed to design and develop the TabletMD software that is currently on the market.

Application Development

A key element of many implementation projects is the development of customized or semi-customized applications and interfaces. Predawn has experience developing applications that address specific business needs. We can develop any applicable back-end program to facilitate user interaction with the company and offerings on a highly functional level to allow any kind of online transactions and a completely centralized information collection and access point - accessible from any location.

From assessment, development, and management to migration and re-engineering, we can help you optimize your applications to align to business strategies and enhance your organization's performance cost-effectively.

Our systems engineers, architects, and application development specialists can build your app on the platform of your choice. Mobile web, native mobile, Facebook apps, or enterprise e-commerce web-based applications, we have got you covered. With the latest technologies, content management systems, shopping carts, inventory management, blogs, forums, and more, we will work with you to chose the right technology to meet your business needs.